Suffrage City

This classic beer style stands out from other contemporaries, namely for not being a straight lager, this is a hybrid brew. Brewed like an ale, but then conditioned like a lager at cold temperatures for up to two months (actually we did for 3 months). This beer (yes, it is a Kolsch) has a grainy pilsner flavour but with less bitterness. A beautiful clean beer light gold in appearance delicate fruit on the nose and a smooth crisp mouthfeel. A perfect summer beer,…. now that it’s finally here
Pairings A good staple beer for all times of day. Crisp with a strong fermentation, to combat the best salty bar snacks. The hops bring notes of herbs and pepper that when coupled with tangible malt flavour will bring out the best from pome fruits and young cheeses. The slight bitterness will find residual sweetness left hidden. Enjoy this beer with an orange slice during chit chat with a close friend and nibbles like grilled brie, pears, and sourdough bread. Or, have a couple jugs with friends and your favourite fish and chip takeaway!
Malt Gladfield Ale
Light Cystal

Hops Ella
Alc% 4.6%