Strawberry Sour

A rosé style inspired kettle sour, infused with locally sourced strawberries adding to the age old question - “Are strawberries sweet or sour?!" Medium-bodied, tart with a lovely crisp clean finish. The strawberries also give this a beaut pinkish colour - very refreshing and perfect for summer.
Pairings This is a beer for the best of Wellington days!
Mild sour notes will boost any mild sweet flavour and when paired with a similar fruit or yoghurt the errant strawberry essence will create a flavour symphony on your palate.
Enjoy the beer out on a patio with a plate of coconut ceviche or a basket of fresh sour raspberries.
Malt Gladiator, Wheat and Light Lager

Hops Sorachi Ace and Callista
Style Sour
Alc% 4.2%