Rad Cycler

We've collaborated with our mates at Bicycle Junction to create this traditional radler-style citrus lager. In the past, the shady shandy shills have added Sprite or 7-Up, BUT! Rad Cycler is not a shandy. We used a blend of NZ Lemonade fruits and Tangelos, Zest and Juice to create a zesty and refreshing pint with a spike of citrus delivering a beautiful clean finish.
Pairings The tests concluded with a very obvious outcome. The crispness combined with the lustrous citrus elements worked extremely well with a range of different food styles. The conclusion came that the Rad Cycler was perfect with any food as it took on the role as a perfect accompaniment and a refreshing cleanser on the pallete.

We are always looking for that perfect match; so we couldn’t go past a citrus on citrus combo with Lemon cheesecake.....heaven!
Malt Vienna
3 kinds of wheat

Hops Nugget
Spalter Select
Lemonade fruit zest and juice
Style Lager
Alc% 4%