Riveting Rosé

Reminiscent of a fine rosé champagne - Riveting Rosé celebrates that Summer is officially around the corner. Heavy mash of NZ Wheat Malt and the addition of summer berries have resulted in a traditionally unfiltered cloudy purple orange blush brut style wit beer. Expect a creamy mouth feel with delicate and refreshing berry balanced and a lingering dry tart finish,… you are left wanting more.
Pairings The mouthfilling tartness and dry lingering aftertaste had a direct result of direction with matching with food elements. Drink it with serious seafood such as crayfish, seared salmon, prawns and clams and grilled medium rare beef steak. The juices of the natural food flavours work impeccably with the dryness and berry balance of the beer.
Malt Wit Malts
Style Wheat beer
Alc% 5%