Our latest core range addition is this carefully crafted IPA. We went to great lengths to ensure this beer can be appreciated for its complexity without the excessive hop smack to the taste buds as seen with many ‘over the top’ IPA examples. Using a selection of malts and generous dry hop additions we have created a pale amber hued beer with a soft malt mouthfeel, a smooth round aroma and a long bitter finish. Typical stone fruit, citrus and resiny tones as you would expect, resulting in a crisp and drinkable IPA at 5.9% ABV
Pairings A stronger hoppy beer like this IPA works well with both salty and fattiness in food as the clean bitterness completely cleans the palate after every mouthful.

The moderate intensity and after taste bitterness works with spicy paprika like a grilled Spanish chorizo - explore how it enhances the fruitiness and aroma of the hops.

Interesting to try also is the combination with BBQ natural smoked tannins as seen in tasty Southern Pulled pork shoulder.

Dessert time, stick with the smooth richness of milk chocolate and don't clash with the bitterness of dark.
Malt NZ Ale
Aromatic barley
Hops Ariana
Dr. Rudi
Style IPA
Alc% 5.9%