Single Hopped Hazy IPA Hazy Eyed Hipster

We have packed an IPA with copious amount of Hallertau Blanc hops which has a similar fruity wine-like flavour profile to that of a good Sauvignon Blanc. In the glass it has the inviting appearance of a hazy straw color with a slight orange hue. Paired with an intense balanced tropical fruit and citrus aroma - all topped off with a thick white head with good retention. Our Hipster is the definition of the cool kid - slightly sweet & effortlessly cool.
Pairings Hazy IPAs typically appear with the turn of the season and there within we find our bounty of flavour. The hop flavour and bitterness lean heavy on citrus characteristic. This is easily bridged by new season fruits and vegetables or ripe cheeses, butter, and yogurt. The light malt characteristic is there to give the beer body which gives your pairings body. Enjoy this beer with a table spread of pasta primavera, bread with whipped butter, mushroom tapenade and goats cheese tart with a tumble of berries fresh from the garden.
Malt Ale

Hops Hallertau Blanc
Alc% 6.3%