Groundhop Day II

Last year, it was 60 additions over an hour boil & this year our absolutely banging brew is aromatic, complex, hoppy and West Coasty! 60 different kinds of hops were used & all from the West Coast of somewhere, This beer has full complex bitterness and a lovely hoppy nose.
Pairings Malts: American Ale, Gladiator, Munich

Malt American Ale
Hops Allllllll those beautiful hops!!! Moutere, Nugget, Target, MI Magnum, Admiral, Summit, MI Sorachi ace, Green Bullet, Herkules, MI Azacca, NZ Sorachi Ace, Southern Cross, Green Bullet, Dr Rudi, Pacific Gem, Pacific Jade, H. Blanc, Flyer, Dana, Ariana, Newp
Style IPA
Alc% 6%