Double Up XXPA

We have been listening, and are excited to brew this bigger and stronger version of our standard XPA. Yes! We have doubled both the kettle and dry hopping, and increased the malt content. It’s big. It’s bold. It’s got lots of character and it embodies the name Double Up XXPA, all while remaining balanced with flavours. It’s the perfect treat for the hop inclined without getting hopsmacked.
Pairings The XXPA’s balanced bitterness and enhanced melon flavours makes this a perfect pairing with a cross section of food styles. It goes perfectly with the natural sweetness from a variety of seafood, and don’t be afraid to spice up with chilli, ginger or even dry style curry. Korean inspired food is a heavenly pairing, which is a bit surprising as Korean Beers are normally on the light side.
Malt American, Munich, Aurora and Ale
Hops Sorachi Ace, Mandarina and Double up of Huell Melon
Style Extra Pale Ale
Alc% 5.1%