Coconut Milk Stout

This year, our 2019 version is full of toffee biscuit flavours and smooth creamy roastiness along with hints of turmeric and a sweetness from the flaked coconut giving this a complex mouthfeel and inviting aroma. We have also added a new note by hand smoking the coconut and infusing it with rum! Look out for these new subtle layers on the palate. Big dark fuselage but a very sessionable this continues to definitely be a Wellington local.
Pairings Bringing to mind the flavours of the Orient and the Pacific, this sweet stout pairs deliciously with the soft creamy aromatic spices of a good Kiwi or Japanese curry - maybe even a roti chennai. The earthiness of the turmeric and smoky coconut contrasts a banoffee pie or bacon and banana french toast really well. Or have it with an orange creme brulee for a smooth dance on your tongue. Not to forget the tried and true dessert treat of a vanilla ice cream float.
Malt Toffee and Biscuit malts plus plenty of dark malts
Spices and organic coconut sugar
Hand smoked coconut
Hops Wakatu
Style Sweet Stout
Alc% 4.7% abv