Bramble Patch

You know when you collect blackberries early in the season? The little fruits are dry, tart and tasty and the best ones are further in the brambles where it's dark and cool underneath. The first taste of this stout gives the hint of sweetness, then the tartness from the blackberries rounds and indulges your taste buds, finish with a pleasant dryness. Look out for the hoppy notes to finish and a tasty roasty bite.
Pairings The dry tartness of the stout is a perfect profile to cut-through elements of most fatty acids found in fried food and also perfectly punctures through elements of creamy dairy products.

We found some heavenly partnerships with fried chicken and schnitzel and the creaminess and sweetness of a jelly tip ice-cream.
Malt Various New Zealand malts
Hops Motueka
Served on nitro for a tasty creamy body.
Style Stout
Alc% 4.2%